Peering Policy

Peering with AS 49420

Aplitt has a selective, but generally open peering policy with other Internet networks at public Internet exchanges. To initiate a peering request, send mail to and include your NOC contact information, AS number, IP addresses, requested peering points, maximum advertised prefixes, and MD5 password (optional).

Peering is the direct interconnection between Aplitt Network (AS 49420) and another network for the purpose of exchanging traffic between these networks.

Aplitt peers at the Internet Exchanges and peering facilities listed in PeeringDB. The selection of peers is based on performance, capability, and where there is mutual benefit, and are subject to certain technical, commercial and legal requirements.

General technical requirements for peering are:

In general, peering sessions with AS 49420 will advertise all AS-APLITT routes.
We suggest peers to set a max-prefix of 32 (IPv4) and 16 (IPv6) routes on peering sessions with Aplitt.